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Standards for Producers selling on Neiibor Crate

Our mission is to help customers live healthy while enjoying local and sustainable brands. We ensure they have a great experience by sourcing directly from local producers throughout the Midwest. Of the products we cannot source locally we look out globally for sustainable brands to fill the gap. 


To measure the experience of the customer we look at the top sold products as well as what products often go out of stock. Through our platform, we show you your sales and what product you need to get back into stock. 


Who this applies to and Why


This policy is created for all the producers on our platform and it is to ensure that we are providing the customer’s only transparency in the products that we work with. 


Code of Conduct


We require that all producers who post their products in our store are honest about their products, ensuring that customers are only consuming products they are able to consume.


We require that you:

  • Provide complete and accurate information about all your products
  • Not damage another producer’s brand or product in providing your products.
  • Do not solicit unwanted communication in any form.  
  • Do not contact any of the customers who choose to purchase your product.
  • Not attempt to evade the sales process.
  • Do not open more than a single producer account without the proper authorization. 


If you violate any of the standards, code of conduct, or other policies, it may result in a closure of your account, cancellation of product listing, forfeiture of payment, and the permanent suspension of your company. 


Agreement to not mislead customers


You must at all times act lawfully and fair in using Neiibor Crate and its services. 


You may not:

  • Provide incorrect information to Neiibor Crate or its customers regarding your company, your products, and anything in relation to your relation with Neiibor Crate.
  • Manipulate Sales through means of making fake orders or claims about sales ranking.
  • Attempt to change the price of your product after an order is received.
  • Inflating web traffic through technological and software tools such as bots and pay for click services.
  • Attempt to damage other producers who list their products on Neiibor Crate. 
  • Allow unauthorized 3rd parties to act on your behalf that violates our terms and service agreement. 


Redirecting Customers 


You may not attempt to direct customers to another website or service in competition with Neiibor Crate. You will not be allowed to post links or messages in any way to prompt customers to visit an external website. 


Multiple accounts on Neiibor Crate


You are only allowed a single account for each brand that you maintain or own.

Examples of legitimate reasons for owning several accounts:

  • You have multiple products sold through other brands or you have a single product that is manufactured for two different companies.

If ever any of your accounts are not in good standing, Neiibor Crate reserves the right to suspend all of your accounts until they are in good standing.