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Product Quality Criteria

Product Quality Criteria

Our Customers expect that when they purchase products through Neiibor Crate, they will receive a product free of damage and defect. They expect that all products are in good condition for consumption without the need for inspection as they normally are able to in a physical store. 

Below we list the rules & criteria for the products you provide. This does not pertain to the listing of the product on the website but the physical product. To see the rules & Criteria of the listing please, go to Product Listing Criteria.

Manufactured Food

  • All products must be damage and defect-free
  • All products must contain a label that provides customer information such as: 
    • The ingredients
    • Place of manufacturing or distribution
    • Information about any possible allergens such as milk, soy, peanuts, or;
    • If it is manufactured in a facility that handles ingredients that are known allergens.
    • Nutritional facts if applicable. 
    • The weight of the product
    • The name of the product including Name of the brand, Name of the variant

Fresh Produce

Products are considered fresh produce if they are picked from the ground and are not modified in any way (other than the washing, separation, and packaging) for the customer’s consumption. 

These products do not require any labeling but you are responsible for labeling your products for proper storage by Neiibor Crate employees

You may also label your products for branding purposes as well.

All Products sold on Neiibor Crate

The Producers are responsible for providing the Company with defect & damage-free goods. It is the duty of the Producer to provide high-quality deliverable products and these products must meet the proper labeling requirements by both Neiibor Crate and the Laws of the Country (USA)

 The Company will not accept partially damage products.

Organic Products & Labeling

As stated in the Product Listing Criteria, you cannot list your product as Organic without the proper documentation that your product fits criteria under the law about such products. 

Farmers and Food processors that make claims about their products must meet the national standard for organic products. All products must be certified by a US Department of Agriculture (USDA) Accredited Organization. 

Certification assures that consumers are receiving products that are grown and processed organically. There are penalties for listing non-organic products as organic. 

It is at the full authority and discretion of the Company to allow which products can be sold. The Company can approve, disapprove, and remove any products from its service that do not fit the goods listed herein this agreement and do not match the mission of the Company.