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Producer Terms & Conditions Agreement

Welcome to Neiibor Crate! We provide you website features and services that allow you to sell your products directly to customers with a variety of other grocery items that complement yours. 

This Neiibor Crate Producer Terms & Conditions Agreement (The “Agreement”) contains the terms and conditions that govern your access to and use of the services and is an agreement between you, the business you represent, and Neiibor Crate. By registering with Neiibor Crate you or the business you represent agree to the terms of this agreement. 

As herein this Agreement, parties will mean both you and Neiibor Crate. Neiibor Crate herein will be referred to as the “Company” and you or your company herein will be referred to as the “Producer.” If there is any conflict between the Producer Terms & Conditions Agreement and the Vendor Service Agreement, the Producer Terms & Condition will govern and the Vendor Service Agreement will override this here Terms & Conditions.

  • Enrollment
  • To begin the enrollment process with the Company, you must complete the registration process laid out in the Enrollment Steps documents. Use of our services is limited to the parties that can lawfully enter into a contract under applicable law. 

    You will have to provide legal name, address, business address, phone number, e-mail address, and any other information that we request. Any of the information we capture will be handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

  • Service Payments
  • Fee details are described in the Service Fee Details Document. You are responsible for all the fees and expenses associated with this Agreement and all other Documents. To use our services you must provide us with a valid credit card and bank account information, both of which are accepted by Neiibor Crate. 


    You are only able to use a name that is in connection to the business, company in which you are legally associated with and must provide us with updated information with yourself and the connected company or business to ensure that your information remains accurate, complete and valid. By enrolling with us, you are authorizing us to verify your information and allow us to charge your credit card, debit, or bank account for any amount payable by you to us. All payments to you from us will be remitted to your bank account through our banking process and network.

    If we find that your actions or account is resulting in returns, chargebacks, disputes and in violation of any of our terms, or is risking other accounts enrolled with Neiibor Crate we may at our sole discretion withhold payments to you as determine risks to Neiibor Crate or our other Producers. For any amount that we determine you owe us, we may

    1.  Charge your Credit Card, debit, or bank account that you have provided us.
    2. Offset amounts that are payable by you to us in reimbursements or otherwise, against any payments we may make to you or amounts we may owe you.
    3. Invoice you for any amount that is due to us
    4. Reverse Credits to your credit card, debit, or bank account.
    5. Collect payment or reimbursement from you any lawful means.

    If we find that you are using your account for any unlawful or illegal activity we will at our discretion permanently without payments to you.

    Additionally, we may require that you pay other amounts to secure your account of your obligations under this agreement to mitigate risks involved with returns, chargebacks claims, disputes, and any violation of our policies and terms and risks to other Producers. These amounts may be refundable at our sole discretion and drawing dependence from all our documents, terms, policies, and Agreements.