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Pricing Policy & Guideline

Pricing Policy & Guideline

Producers are responsible for setting the price of their products on Neiibor Crate. It is our goal to provide customers a large variety of products at an affordable and competitive price. 

Neiibor Crate regularly monitors the prices of your products to compare them with other prices available in other markets. If we see pricing practices that harms Neiibor Crate or the trust of the customer, Neiibor Crate reserves the right to remove the product, change prices or suspend and terminate the Producer’s account. 

Pricing practices that can harm customers trust include but are not limited to: 

  • Setting a referencing price that misleads the customer.
  • Setting price on a product that significantly higher than your products or similar products offered in other marketplaces.
  • Selling multiple products for more per unit than the price is for a single unit. 
  • Setting up any shipping cost to a product. Shipping costs determined by Neiibor Crate. 

How to best price your products

It is a goal of Neiibor Crate to have competitive and potentially lower pricing than any other marketplace available to customers. Within our model and with the Producers owning and maintaining the retail price of their product we believe that you will be able to sell fewer products through our marketplace and have higher revenue. 

Though prices are determined by the Producer, Neiibor Crate is reserved the right to disapprove and or change prices if it is misleading or significantly under or overpriced compared to similar products or the same product in different markets. 

Pricing for Manufactured Food

We suggest that before you post your product you do research on your product and learn what it is currently selling for in other markets. Because we do not use a wholesale pricing system, you are entitled to a retail price (The price at which the end consumer pays) as stated in our Producer Payment for Service and Retail Pricing Strategy. We believe that by allowing you to have this price, you are able to adjust your pricing structure to allow for a lower price compared to other markets. 

Pricing for Fresh produce

Neiibor Crate provides a product purchase price guide for every fresh produce available on the Neiibor Crate marketplace. Due to the nature of fresh produce and their limited shelf life, we do not offer fresh produce Producers the ability to change the retail price.

Neiibor Crate will actively gauge market prices of fresh produce to ensure that producers are receiving a fair retail price for their products. 

Fresh produce Producers are promised a Retail Selling Range for their product when the products are sold during specified dates and time. The Retail Selling range is posted bi-weekly for the producers and remains valid for the two weeks thereafter until the next posting.

As stated in the Producer Payment for Service section of the Vendor Service Agreement, products are not purchased on wholesale terms and resold at a higher retail price. All products sold on Neiibor Crate is sold by our Retail Pricing Strategy. 

We offer fresh produce Producers a Retail Selling Range by which they have specific times in which they remain valid and allows Producer’s the ability to provide products for sale.

Referencing prices

In some instances, you will have the ability to provide a referencing price, such as a list price on a different marketplace. 

In the instances that you do use a referencing price, you must just reference the price that recently made substantial sales of the product. 

You are responsible that the referencing price you provide remains current to your product.