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Minnesota Food Makers

From your favorite 'so close but not close enough' - Minnesota foods!

Salad Dressing

Salad Girl Dressing: Salad Dressing locally made here in the Twin Cities by Pam & Jim

Angry Trout: - Enjoy the salad dressing you love from Grand Marais - without going there.

Snacks & Goodies

Coco, Bee & Nut: Purveyor of Granola, & founder Kathryn Nelson created this cereal for a lower carb alternative to help everyone live healthier. Made with all natural, non-GMO ingredients, this cereal is perfect for anyone looking for a healthy snack.

Bliss Granola: Founded by Lesley Powers in St. Paul Minnesota, who wanted to find a way to help people eat local, fresh and healthy. 

Ommie Snacks:  Minnesota's Allergy friendly, vegan and free of junk snack, made locally.

Smude's Sunflower oil Popcorn: Tom & Jenni Smude have their sunflower oils available throughout the Midwest. Located north of St. Cloud they are proud to create their oils and snacks for Minnesota. 

Gustola Granola: Founded by Angela Gustafson to fuel herself, her family and all Midwesterners.

Crapola! Granola: It all started with a great idea with sustainability in mind in a Minnesota Homestead.

Sauce, Salsa, Dips & Spreads

Double Take Salsa: Created by Bernie, a Salsa Expert, he grew and sourced his peppers out from Wisconsin and shared it at Farmer's Market.

Maazah Chutney: Founded by Sheila and Yasameen, this Chutney was inspired by their mother who always made great tasting food. 

Triple Crown BBQ: Produced in Minnesota and founded by Andy Wright, this organic, vegan and gluten-free BBQ Sauce is versatile and can be used for meats to vegan foods. 

GRLK Sauce: Lebanese Garlic Spread made here in in St Paul, fresh to order, all the time. 

Caldo Foods - Mediterranean Gourmet Dips made for a healthy lifestyle. Harissa can be added to any dish to spice it up and bring it more flavor. 

Lost Capital Foods: Founded by DJ & Anastasia, in their kitchen in Falcon Heights, Minnesota they ferment using only the freshest ingredients In Minnesota. 

Isabel Street Heat: Heat inspired by fine dining, Tony has created a hot sauce that is well-rounded and easily accessible with his focus on being local. 

Freak Flag Foods: Founded by Fred Haberman who wanted to express himself in a language that everyone understood: Food. This Minnesota Condiment is made with fresh-picked organic ingredients and is GMO free. 

K-Mama Sauce: If you're needing the taste of Korea in your home try K-Mama Sauce, founded by KC right here in Minnesota. 

Lucky's Sauce - An eventual day led to the creation of a sauce that changed the universe. Made here in Minnesota, this sauce can be used on a variety of food.


Bootlegger Brewing: Hearty Kombucha founded here in Minnesota, this refreshing drink is full of organic acids, vitamins, enzymes and probiotic - All to promote a healthier belly. 

Deane's Kombucha: Hand Crafted in St Paul this Kombucha was founded by Deane. They are commited to providing a refreshing great taste that you can only find locally. 

Superior Switchel: Superior Switchel: Minnesota's first switchel company! Our mission is to craft beverages that nourish both people and the planet. Our beverages are certified USDA Organic and Vegan and our company is certified Woman-Owned, B-Corp, and 1% for the Planet. Try our switchel -- the original, delicious, healthy, and ready-to-drink apple cider vinegar beverage!

Big Watt Coffee: Founded by Lee Carter, Jason Westplate and Caleb Garn inside a test kitchen in the booming coffee shops of Minneapolis, this cold press coffee was crafted to taste as good as it is in the Coffee Shop. 

Blackeye Roasting Co: From the great Blackeye Roasting Co in Minneapolis, this cold brew coffee can now be found inside your home. 

Fah Bissap Tea: A subtle and tasteful drink made from Hibiscus Flower all to fund a project bigger than itself. 

Tree Fort Soda: A family owned Minnesota Craft Soda Company. Soda Should be a treat - enjoy this old school brew made with only real and natural ingredients.

Pickled & Fermented

Craft & Vine Picklery - Centered in the Twin Cities, this Picklery is family owned and specializes in all things pickled.

Fierce Ferments: Founded by Galen and friends, these fermented veggies use humanity's oldest method of food preservation to bring out the tangy flavors you love. 

Baking Mixes

Brody's 579: For everyone who wants to needs or wants to eat Gluten free for a healthier life. You can still enjoy your favorite foods without the worry.

Domata Gluten Free Baking: Packaged in Minnesota in a gluten-free and nut-free facility this Gluten Free Mix helps you enjoy goodness. 

Mama Stoen's: It is the mission of Mama Stoen's to provide quality, delicious Gluten Free products 

Pantry & Dairy

Taking stock bone broth: Founded by Molly Clark and Maddy Kaudy - this bone broth was created in Minnesota using only cage-free, organic chickens and organic vegetables ensuring that you eat with peace of mind. 

Wholy Cow: Locally-owned in the Twin Cities by Jessica Naithani & Jessica Paul, this high quality butter Ghee was inspired by the great Midwest.