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About Us


Who we are

Neiibor Crate is the Twin Cities' only farm-to-table grocery delivery service bringing you fresh produce along with locally sourced foods.

When you support Neiibor Crate, you support local farmers & food makers directly. 

We want to help you eat healthier through local specialty foods while we build a sustainable food system that benefits yourself & local food makers. Local brings transparency to what's in your food. These food are made in your backyard, in your neiibor's yard and farms all around the Midwest - where food should come from.

All the while, we build stronger local brands by making their contribution to their communities more visible.

Local food makers are passionate about bringing you only the best food. When you support Neiibor Crate, you support local food makers.

Why is supporting local food important?

Climate change is real and we need to find better systems to manage our food supply chain. There is no need for waste emissions with the transportation of food from far away places when food can be produces right in our backyards.

Through a local food system, we can reduce plastic waste, gas emissions and curb food waste from mass food production. 

Supporting local tackles all three of these issues all the while you have an opportunity to contribute to helping the environment and eat healthier.

It's not too late for us to make a change. 


A true enjoyment of local foods through a sustainable food system. 


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