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Light and crisp kombucha brewed in natural oak barrel

Inside Deane's Kombucha in St Paul, Bryan works hard to brew and deliver his own Kombucha.

How did your company get started?

I began home brewing kombucha in 2006 and started sharing with friends and family who convinced me my kombucha was better than the store brands. After doing a ton of research on licensing and running a business I decided to launch Deane’s Kombucha in 2009.

We started with farmer’s markets, events, and landed our first store account at Linden Hills Co-Op. In 2016 I was able to quit my “day job” and commit fully to the business.

Can you tell us a bit more about your product? 

Deane’s Kombucha is brewed in the traditional way, in small batches. Ours is lighter and crisper than most other kombuchas. We use simple ingredients; organic green tea, organic sugar, and whole fruit and herbs for flavoring.


How has COVID-19 impacted your company?

COVID 19 has been a disaster for both our company and many of our customers. Sales screeched to a halt for two months. But in June we hit 50% of last June’s revenue so we are trending in the right direction.

It has forced us to think outside the box and look into new delivery streams, which has been great. We are working hard on finding channels to get our kombucha directly into the hands of our customers. Neiibor Crate is a great example of that!


As a local brand, what are some of the greatest challenges you face?

One challenge is managing the sales flow during the year. While spring and summers are great in Minnesota, sales take a pretty big dip in the Winter. (90% of our accounts are in Minnesota and people just don’t drink as many cold beverages in February!)


What do you hope to achieve for your company?

I have thoroughly enjoyed the relationships I have developed with my customers, learning about them, learning from them, and sharing. I really enjoy my day to day duties and my biggest goal is to keep doing what I am doing.


What are some of your favorite local brands?

YouBetcha Kimchi, Snappy Dog Salsa, B+W Coffee, and Bare Honey to name a few.


Where can your product be found and where can I learn more?

We are on tap in around 90 restaurants/cafes/taprooms. Some of our accounts include French Meadow, Back Channel Brewery, Bent Brewstillery, Mill Valley Kitchen, and Mill Valley Market.

Linden Hills Co-op and The Wedge Co-Op in Minneapolis have the largest selection of bottles. In St Paul check out Seasoned Specialty Foods – a great source for local, artisanal foods.

Learn more about Deane’s Kombucha at

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