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  • Brewed in her college dorm, Melina rediscovered a 17th century re-hydration recipe

    As Melina prepares for the rest of her deliveries for the day, we get a quick moment to chat.  How did your company get started?I first started br...
  • It takes love and commitment to brew an amazing kombucha at Bootlegger Brewing.

    Jake shares his stories about Bootlegger Brewing, as he prepares an order for curbside pickup. 

    How did your company get started?

    In late 2015, I decided that my 15 years in the defense and aerospace industry was demanding more and more of my time- leaving less and less time for my family. I had been brewing kombucha for around 5 years, using a culture that has been in our family for almost 50 years now. A friend of mine suggested that we should look at brewing it on a larger scale. I had never really considered that, but once I started looking at it as a viable business, I never looked back- It has always been my true passion to start my own business doing something I love, and this fit the bill perfectly. My family helped create the branding (which I love by the way), and local co-ops brought our product almost immediately. It has been a long hard road, but I’m still loving it.

  • An amazing local dip created and shared by long time best friends.

    In the cozy lobby Britt and Sara, enjoys a hot summer day.

    How did your company get started?

    Sara and I met in 9th grade and immediately became best friends. We both love cooking, hosting and entertaining but after we had kids there was less and less time to spend on prep, cooking and cleaning. Our long multi-course dinners turned into snacking and incomplete conversations while we tried to catch up while also keeping up with our small children. We would always make pickle dip when we got together and started thinking, W

  • Light and crisp kombucha brewed in natural oak barrel

    Inside Deane's Kombucha in St Paul, Bryan works hard to brew and deliver his own Kombucha.

    How did your company get started?

    I began home brewing kombucha in 2006 and started sharing with friends and family who convinced me my kombucha was better than the store brands. After doing a ton of research on licensing and running a business I decided to launch Deane’s Kombucha in 2009.

  • An alternative to high-carb cereals, Coco Bee & Nut helps strengthen your health without all the extra grains.

    On a hot summer day at The Good Acre, Kathyrn shares stories about her Coco Bee & Nut.

    How did your company get started?

    In late 2015, I made granola without oats for a friend who was having a hard time
    finding a low carb breakfast option. All our friends said I should sell it! Then in 2016, I had the opportunity to go to Uganda and was inspired by other entrepreneurs to give it a shot. I also met my friend Betty in Uganda, a single mother of 4, who is one of the recipients of the 10% of our net sales that we donate to charity.